Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Roasted pepper risotto

just made this for tonight ..
roasted four peppers and a red onion with a little fry light for about half an hour 
blended them 
add a tin of tomatoes
put in a large pan and warm through
add some garlic to taste (i am using about five cloves)
then stir in about 200g of risotto rice and cover and cook for ten minutes
Add 200ml(ish) of veg stock
and cover and cook for another ten minutes
then remove from heat and add some fresh basil cover with a tea towel leave for five mins then eat
also added pepper
This also makes a great pasta sauce and is very good with bacon/chicken and pork. I have left it plain (diet grrrrrrrr) but its great with a dollop of philly added once cooked for a creamy flavour!

Vegi cottage pie

half a swede
a parsnip (med sized)
one large onion
a carrot (med sized)
two sticks of celery
cabbage/mushrooms/anything left over is in the fridge
half a bag of quorn mince/tvp
two stock cubes (beef)
enough water to cover
a clove of garlic
mixed herbs (to taste
black pepper (to taste)
two spoons of boullion
potatoes for mash
extra light mayo for the mash if needed( i dont bother as it adds a syn)

dice all the veg small and add to a pan with some fry light over a low heat and allow to 'sweat'.
add the herbs and garlic (garlic burns if it goes in to early)
then add the quorn
then the water slowly, I found the quorn is really porous so you have to do this by eye)
allow to cook on a low heat while you cook the potatoes and mash them
put mix into pot cover with mash and cook for about half an hour ..

this made two that fed myself, El Hairy and Roo
If you are not on a diet you can use lean mince instead of course ... and if you are not on a diet I am jealous because I totally prefer the meat version!!


Just realised how long it has been since i wrote anything here .. how remiss of me! Christmas and new year were great, good to be around family and eat loads ... now have rejoined 'fat club', there is something only the ritual humiliation of a weekly weigh in can produce, that's me lighter! ;0)
I also realised how this blog has turned into a recipe spot, not that I am complaining, I guess everyone has their niche, i will be putting much lower fat/calorie recipes on for the time being! I think nine months is a long time to keep my baby bump after giving birth so i fully intend at least to abbreviate it if not get rid of it completely!
i am blaming the 14lb turkey! Nothing to do with booze/cream and chocolate overdoses of course ...