Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Roasted pepper risotto

just made this for tonight ..
roasted four peppers and a red onion with a little fry light for about half an hour 
blended them 
add a tin of tomatoes
put in a large pan and warm through
add some garlic to taste (i am using about five cloves)
then stir in about 200g of risotto rice and cover and cook for ten minutes
Add 200ml(ish) of veg stock
and cover and cook for another ten minutes
then remove from heat and add some fresh basil cover with a tea towel leave for five mins then eat
also added pepper
This also makes a great pasta sauce and is very good with bacon/chicken and pork. I have left it plain (diet grrrrrrrr) but its great with a dollop of philly added once cooked for a creamy flavour!

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