Friday, 22 July 2011

Asda and other things!

   Well contrary to popular belief .. well those that I told anyway ... We did not go to get cultured yesterday! Apparently staying up too late the night before and basically not getting up rendered that impossible ...So , once we eventually got up and organised ourselves for the day we went to the dump! Oh no I hear you cry! Never fear it was clearly a journey which was very much needed! After unloading our rubbish we decided to go and get  a few 'essentials' namely some grass seed,some trousers and a web cam.
   First stop was Homebase, grass seed bought we left one car park for another one arriving at our local Asda Superstore. I looked in vain for trousers that might perform the miracle of pulling in all my wobbly baby bits and making me as tall and slender as Elle Macpherson. Alas there were none. surprisingly!! Still we found the webcam and grabbed a Guardian and a couple of those awful magazines that everyone reads but no one admits to reading and headed off to the till.
   As you may or may not know Asda are promoting their 'Price Guarantee' vouchers system at the moment, frankly if you haven't heard of it you are either blind or living in another universe, which of course is possible apologies if this is you ;0). I had diligently followed the instructions for a few weeks now and have been printing out the vouchers and presenting them to the checkout operator for the past few weeks. Even though it tells you' its easy' just add a 'few numbers' (there are a list of numbers and until you work the receipt out takes a little time counting zero's is the worst bit!).
  The checkout operator, a lady of a certain age wearing reading glasses on the end of her nose and a cardigan, pushed the goods through the till and gave me the price. I smiled as my husband packed, he is very good like that, and handed her the vouchers I had worked so hard to get in my grubby little hands, and she refused them! Apparently, although it says nothing of this on the voucher, one has to buy food or 'comparable goods' to use them . Of course we paid her the money and saved the vouchers for next time. But it did lead me to wonder what in fact 'comparable goods' were and how they would claim to know that we hadn't bought anything that compared to the web-cam, bread, newspaper and chocolate bar. Surely if the voucher was to be taken from goods in their store any goods would be voucherable (which is not a word but should be). I envisaged the till fairies sitting checking the receipts against the following receipts and collating the evidence then sending in the voucher police!
  In my opinion a voucher is a voucher .. why give it terms? I can understand a 'best before' date but is it really  that important for me to buy 'comparable goods' on a weekly basis? I think not!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tuned to the moon

I have just been informed that this title would be better for the blog .. or writing thingie space ... I had never heard the phrase until this evening and I like it . I am still wondering if said person thinks I am 'tuned into the moon' or they are .. I do feel it is a touch of both to be fair ...Quite what an impression I will leave here is debatable ... and quite how random? who can tell tangents here we come!!
Off to 'that' London tomorrow to take in some culture .. at least I think we are and we might come back with some who knows! Roo and the micralite in the big smoke! oh yes excitement abounds ...

mama moon's Raspberry cheesecake with some added chocolate if you need it

Raspberry cheesecake ...
This is another one thats been slightly altered ( I like doing this)
Two packs of white chocolate chunk cookies and about 3 oz of melted butter for the base
Usual way of creating this .. smash biscuits and add melted butter
Push crumb into the tin bake for five mins .. gas mark 4/180c/fan160c
Filling ..
Two and a half tubs of Marscapone (I love this stuff  if you hadn’t noticed) around 600g
8 oz of golden caster sugar (gives a nice creamy flavour as if this needs any more cream)
2tbsp plain flour
Vanilla extract (or one pod I have to say I use the pods as I like the look of them the black bits make it look posh!)
2 large eggs and one yolk
6oz pot of soured cream (you can change this for vanilla yoghurt for a slightly sweeter taste)
300g raspberries fresh or frozen .. I prefer fresh
Optional 4-6 oz of white chocolate chopped
Optional couple of spoons of framboise (since most people don’t have this including me I just squished some warmed raspberries through a sieve and made a sauce or a coulis if you want to be posh once squeezed add some icing sugar if you like it sweet)
Beat the cream cheese with the flour, sugar, a few drops of vanilla, eggs, the yolk and soured cream until light and fluffy. Stir in half the raspberries and pour into the tin.add half the white chocolate then Bake for 40 minutes and then check, it should be set but slightly wobbly in the centre. Leave in the tin to cool.
Then take out half of whats left of the raspberries fortop and heat the others in a pan and make the sauce with the icing sugar I mentioned  in the brackets up there!
when cool add the rest of the raspberries and bits of white chocolate then poor on the coulis/sauce stuff 
ohhhh  yes if you add the alcohol do it after you made the squish =0)
 Hope this makes sense .. =0)

Starting off anew again ...

Now ... here we are in the midst of the interweb .. so many things to do any to say! I am here on a mission to ensure that i :-
1, Entertain a few people at least
2, let you know of any bargains i hear about.
3, Review the things i think are important
4, Give everyone some nice recipes
5, Tell you about great offers and competitions that maybe of interest
I know you will either love or hate the way i write ... but hey that's life .. We can't like everyone or everything we see or hear or read!
good luck!