Getting fit!

    Right! So, I am fat ......... fatter than a fat thing on fat day in the great festival of all fatness in fatty land! So alongside a few other friends have decided to try and become less so, i say it this way as I don't want to say slim as slim has always eluded me. I am now on day two of 'couch to 5K' which can be found here, it is a massive step for me as for many reasons I have not been 'able' to run before, neither felt the need, leading of course to the fatness! The scheme looks simple and it has led to good things already. Firstly I now know what a podcast is, and secondly i managed to put a podcast on to my ipod, find it therein and play it! All fabulous achievements for an old woman like me!
    Here are my goals;

  • to lose weight ..
  • to get fit ..
  • to feel comfortable in my own body and a swimsuit
  • to buy a dress ..
    Not too much to ask for I don't think! I will not however be sharing weight (as in numbers)  or a 'before 'pic until I have a suitable 'after' one to place it beside! I shall keep a record here of my exercise and eating plan of choice here and we will see how we go! any encouragement/ help or ideas are most welcome! Links to blogs about this part are below;

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