Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Trolley Dolly Review

Trolley Dolly, well what can I say???  In short it works, looks great and is immensely practical. Now for the review ;0)

Mumsnet asked me if I would like to try and review the ‘Trolley Dolly’, I was more than happy to put this invention through its paces, it arrived as quickly as I had pressed the reply button! I was sent the ‘Poppy Dots’ print much to my Husbands disgust, I was more than happy but he did say he would only use it if we shopped together as it is a bright print. But I have to say there is where most of the criticism will stop.
It was clearly created by a truly organised and practical Mum; all I can say is ‘Well done!’As you can see it is a small bag basically full of bags, added extras include; a trolley coin, a good zipped pocket, phone pocket, a shoulder strap and various way’s of attaching it too the trolley. 


  •          The first real advantage to using the ‘Trolley Dolly’ was clear before we even left the house! The space it saves is amazing! As you can see my hall and the boot of my car are far tidier with my new addition! (It also fits easily under each of my pushchairs)
  •          Secondly, the extra space in the bag is more than enough to fit in; nappy, wipes, purse, phone and emergency biscuits! (was great to take one bag in to town rather than three)
  •         There are three/ four ways of attaching the bag to the trolley also which comes in handy as your child grows; it can hang from the hook in the front by the red webbing or the handles, or you can use the strong ‘velcro’ strip over the handle of the trolley.  This was a great help to us because Roo used to find having the bags in kickable distance most annoying, and putting the bags in the trolley left room for nothing else! Problem solved!
  •          The internal bags are really strong and it was handy having shoulder bags whilst shopping in town, personally I find them more comfortable. I guess I should say here about colour coding your shop but I just don’t do that and never have, but we both loved the colours anyway   
  •          The ‘trolley coin’ has also been a godsend twice now, not that we didn’t have change, it simply made the children put the trolley back and give us back the token rather than losing a pound every time.
  •          Our weekly shop of £200 fitted in easily, the website quotes £300 but I guess that depends where you shop and what you are buying.


·         The only gripe came from my Husband and was mentioned above, I guess target market will be those who ‘shop most’ and that tends to be the woman, but in our household the task is evenly shared, (I sometimes just let him loose alone) . So in hindsight if I was choosing one I may have not gone for the’ Dots’ but chosen a more ‘man friendly’ print.
  •          I also have not yet made use of the green nets as much as I felt I should do and maybe would have preferred less of them and a couple more of the other bags. This of course will probably change as my shopping habits change sometimes you don’t use something because you don’t have it, now I have then who knows?

Just to finish off the ‘Trolley Dolly’ is our new best friend, it goes everywhere we do and performs the job of something, indeed some things that are twice its size and require much more thought and effort to remember! At £29.95 I feel it is a bargain every home should have one! All of the bags are extremely well stitched and have the added bonus of the feel good factor ecologically! Fully washable in case of spills and actually just fabulous! Maybe not a good Christmas present though chaps .....

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