Monday, 12 September 2011

Weekend sewing ...

  Due to a few obstacles blogging this weekend was of course a big fat zero, reasons for this as follows ;

  • Rugby world cup (sorry ladies I cannot resist the lure of all those men grappling, oh and sometimes getting muddy ... drool ...).
  • I had promised myself I would finish a shirt I started two weeks ago
  • Roo has been decidedly fun, chatty and wide awake!
  • I have a book to read and review!
   Due to changes in plan, and the fact that hubby had an awful day at school, I told hubby I didn't mind if he went out to play with his friends Saturday morning at the pub to watch the rugby. I was happy to watch at home, as most of you are probably not interested in rugby,suffice to say England won Huzzah!
   Strangely afterward whilst sat 'conversing' with Roo, who has created all manner of new noises for our delectation this weekend, I somehow managed to find 'Big Brother' on channel five. Now speaking as a total BB convert, I had been avoiding this year especially after the move to channel five and awful guests in the celebrity edition. So with one eye on the guests as they entered and the other two on Roo the day progressed.  I have to say I really don't envisage watching any more of it what a motley crew they have chosen! Lots of fame hungry kids who think they are just so talented and beautiful it makes them want to squeak! What is the point of it this time, there will be little of interest to learn from them and even less to watch apart from posturing and flouncing and the off-chance they may get egg on their faces in some silly task. For me it's the end of and era, sadly.
   Roo is five and a half months now , hard to believe, it seems to have gone so quickly. I am however noticing and logging every second as  I did with the others. I think because he is probably going to be the last the watching and photographing has taken on a life of its own! It was commented on recently by an old ( and childless) friend, something long the lines of 'haven't you got anything better to do than take photo's of him?' I have to say I don't think there is much better use of time than spending it with my children. She will now and forever be known as the 'baby grinch'.

   Ah sewing, now for those of you that are just joining hubby and I like to go into other centuries now and then. Mostly 17th century English Civil War with a smattering of early eighteenth (recognizable by looking at the pirates movies). Soooooo i like sewing and making costume, i also have some idea's for more modern sewing pursuits in the pipeline so watch this space. But for now here is the shirt I have been working on this weekend; it is made in a lovely fine linen and is all hand sewn, not quite finished yet and I think it may fit Roo when he is about three haha!#

Anyway back to this book!!

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