Sunday, 2 October 2011


As you will all know I started the walking last week and have quickly got it up to six miles a day. Friday I managed the six miles and also stepped over the first big hurdle and took Roo swimming in the pool .. in a swimming costume! Not a nice sight I am sure but it can only get better eh! Lets hope so!
   The first experience in this pool was quite good, its a strange pool which is sometimes deep and sometimes shallow. When we got there unfortunately the 'baby' pool was being used for children's swimming lessons, definitely a primary probably key stage one. Ruben looked fabulous in his costume once we got him in it! The changing rooms were called a 'changing village' for some reason and there were only three larger rooms that fitted in the buggy but luckily we managed to get one! As you can see from Roo's smile a pleasurable experience really! We had a lovely time, he just did his'must smile and be cute for everyone' thing and I kinda bobbed him up and down and spun him round. I would have preferred being in the 'baby' pool as it was a bit cold, so once the chin wobble repeated once too often we went to get changed!
    Still smiling but cold here, the large changing room was indeed a godsend although with Roo's powers of the backwards only crawl and roll approach to movement he almost disappeared under the cubicle much to the delight of the aforementioned primary children who thought it more than hilarious! All in all a good time was had by all, but i have invested in a baby seat for the pool so i don't have to just bob up and down i may be able to do some sort of swimming pushing or pulling him in it! =0)

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