Friday, 9 September 2011

Another milestone ...

  Ok so I thought in the spirit of mothers everywhere I would write to tell you of Roo's latest milestone. I wonder if you will guess which one it is? .. Actually I have to say I very much doubt that you will, No its not sitting up (he does this when he feels like it), No no its not crawling (Him tummy gets in the way) and no not a word yet apart from gloob gloob rarghhhhhhhhhhh. Which I challenge you to find in any dictionary!
   The milestone of which i speak is one that most Mum's and Dad's will have encountered and mentally noted but maybe not spoken about apart from perhaps with their relevant other or Mother. It is the great milestone of the 'real human poo'.  
    I know this may mean nothing to some and lots to others, but I guess the reason it has stuck, for want of a better word, in my mind is that it seemed to take so long this time! Roo has been and still is exclusively breast fed obviously now alongside some food and baby gloop. Hence his offerings have been and remained the yellow seedy mustard crossed with runny custard kinda deals that occur with most bread fed babies. It has its own smell but not a particularly awful one.
   But after some blockage yesterday saw the milestone laid, and indeed laid again and again! ;Now he has got the hang of it there is no stopping him!
    I have mixed feelings about it but most importantly it means that his nappies will be infinitely easier to wash and i will have to start using flushable nappy liners .. so all in all ... HUZZAH!!!

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