Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Weaning ....

   Ah that fateful time ... time to remember all that you did before and forget it and read the new rules again! I swear that these 'health professionals' and baby food creator's are in cahoots to try and make us change our weaning patterns every year, in fact possibly bi-annually by the look of all the information I have just been thrown for Roo!
    Bearing in mind that I am indeed 'very old' and have done this four times before even I am surprised and astounded at the sheer amount of differing information there is in each company specific pack that I have been handed.
     I have decided to try and wade through it all and try and test the idea's and give my view on them and on each different food we encounter along the way here .
    I didn't realise it was such a contentious subject either ... anyway ... BED! (more tomorrow)

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