Thursday, 15 September 2011

Plum Organic.........

Thought it was about time for another baby food review, I am going to stick with the pouches for now as I find the packaging so damn handy!

 The blurb say's this is 'organic superfood for babies' it contains 'supergrain quinoa goodness', the flavour we tried as you can see is spinach,parsnip and basil. First of all the packaging is great, has all the information you need on it and is free of everything you wouldn't want in it,preservatives, additives,salt,sugar,bulking agents,GM ingredients, gluten,egg and dairy! Also as the packet says 'guilt free'! It is also endorsed by 'Organic Farmers and Growers'.

  • Roo loved it ate the whole pouch (he is generally sniffy at lunchtime so this is a biggie)
  • Texture was as expected
  • smell was actually reasonable
  • I felt 'good' giving him it (maybe part blurb and part spinach there)              

  • Again the colour was awful but impossible to change (it did resemble fresh duck poo)
  • Packaging is difficult to recycle for me ( Tetra pack is not accepted in our recycling bins)
   I am so very impressed by this they are certainly one to try ladies. I will be buying more for when we are out and about or when I just cannot be bothered to get the blender out! We all have those days dont we! Been over to look at there website and liked their facebook page I am so impressed.
   I must again add that I have not been given this to try or asked to do this review, tis just my ramblings! However if companies would like me to review thing's I am more than willing to do so contact me HERE .

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  1. We love this baby food! The best part is the consistency - it is NOT runny at all. My son loves the taste and eats it all up. We have ordered this multiple times, as it's a huge hit in our house.